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With many years experience in the military 1157 Tactical provide bespoke kit made and altered to YOUR requirements, with feedback from customers in the field we have been able to adapt and learn from their unique requirements.

All 1157 Tactical products are handmade in the UK by us who are all from a military background and are qualified Equipment Repairers trained by the Army. We aim to use the highest quality Mil-spec and IRR compliant materials available to us, our kit is built for function not cost.

Bespoke kit made and altered to YOUR requirements using Mil-spec and IRR materials where possible

  • US Mil-spec Bonded Nylon Thread

  • US Mil –Spec Shock Cords/Elastics

  • 1000D Cordura Fabrics

  • IRR Webbing

  • IRR ITW Nexus Hardware



    Personal load carrying equipment

  • Pouches made to order and sewn direct to a hippo pad to the customers requirements  

  • MOLLE compatible individual pouches

  • Bergens / Day sacks

  • Day sacks made to customer requirements

  • Removable / floating lids / grab-bags

  • P.A.L.S (Pocket Attachment Ladder System) MO.L.L.E (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment)

  • Compatible webbing pouches added to existing kit for extra versatility. 

  • Repairs / replacements parts service

  • Buckles and straps




    A prototype is a functional first draft or working model of a final product. However, you should realize that prototypes are raw, slow, and can be exceedingly difficult to work with in the beginning. They are the first form of a concept and can take a long time to fully develop into something fully functional and ready for production.

    With no guarantee of future work this is charged at an hourly rate and at the end of the project the design concept is yours.


    This is a product where you have a concept/idea and 1157Tactical designs and makes a product based on these ideas, The end result will be  just like any other product you would buy from a shop.

    Any and all design traits, templates and manufacturing processes are the sole property of 1157 Tactical.


    This will consist of a full step by step method of instruction detailing every element needed in order to build the end product this will include Material types sizes and specifications.



    1. Custom projects and designs are the sole property of 1157 Tactical.
    2. Any and all design traits, templates and manufacturing processes are the sole property of 1157 Tactical.
    3. Any work done as "Prototyping" or "Design" performed under this agreement will be charged at an hourly rate agreed by both parties. Compensation will be required should the agreement be terminated prematurely regardless of a complete product.
    4. Any submitted designs must be complete or a design contract must be completed before production.
    5. Any materials/documents which have been provided by the customer will be returned promptly after the business possibility has been rejected or concluded.
    6. This agreement may be terminated within 24hrs with prior written notice. 
    7. Independent development – The customer agrees to 1157 Tactical being the sole provider for this project.

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